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This is the Official website for the “UGA Football Barn Sign” located on Highway 15 between Tennille and Wrightsville, GA. These two small towns have produced many successful football players for UGA, most notably Hershel Walker.


In 2000 the season opened with Quincy Carter as our starting QB. For those that remember, Quincy soon became a train wreck. After the World’s Largest Cocktail Party in Jacksonville, we decided to voice our opinion of our QB status. While discussing how we would materialize our thoughts, a close relative joked that we should paint the side of the old ‘Jot Em Down Store’ which had been in his family since the late 1930’s. (Side Note: There are a few stores with this name, but this one is local to the area and probably not as known as other landmarks with the same name.) We quickly accepted his offer and aimed to paint the south side of the store’s exterior in order for all the traffic to view as they headed back to the northern part of the state on Sunday following the game. The night after the game, we painted the old store. That year was an election year and the basis of our message.


Cory soon became our starting QB. Cory’s most recognized game was against our arch rival Georgia Tech. Cory completed 36 of 62 passes for 413 yds. These stats are currently ranked: 1st (tie with Eric Zier) for most completions in a UGA game; 2nd for most attempts in a UGA game; 8th for most passing yds in a UGA game.


The old store soon came to be locally known as the “UGA Barn Sign”. The first message was such a success that we continued to use the old store to voice our opinions. We always aim to stay positive, though a few messages have voiced frustration. The only ‘non-UGA’ related message was after 9/11. It’s hard to believe how quickly the many messages have come to pass. We plan to continue painting the Barn Sign for years to come.


Over the years we’ve seen people taking pictures of the messages or having their picture taken in front of it, especially during the week of the Florida game. We’ve seen paintings and heard of others. There are supposedly even restaurants around the state with pictures of the Barn Sign hanging on their walls and people who have it hanging on their living room walls. We would love to see pictures of these items old and new! Please post pictures you’ve taken, drawings, paintings, or any other media that everyone may enjoy viewing!